It’s even cooler when you stand back and squint your eyes.

Or take your glasses off

or take your glasses off


S(Infographics) — The Zhangistry

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This is the moment, my final test;
destiny beckoned, I never reckoned second best;
I won’t look down, I must not fall;
This is the moment, the sweetest moment of them all

This is the moment, damn all the odds;
This day or never, I’ll sit forever with the Gods;
When I look back, I will recall;
Moment for moment, this was the moment;
The greatest moment of them all

A Single Drop of Seawater, Magnified 25 Times
Christopher Jobson,
You know when you’re horsing around at the beach and accidentally swallow a nasty gulp of salt water? Well I hate to break it to you but that foul taste wasn’t just salt. Photographer David Littschwager captured this amazing shot of a single drop …

I guess after all this while, I still can’t forget about you.

Don’t flatter yourself though; it doesn’t hurt anymore. That was probably the most crap I’ve had to go through back then, and calling it a heart-wrenching experience is probably the greatest understatement. Every fiber of my being was aching for things to go back the way they were, and it really felt as if someone had reached into me and violently ripped out my soul - I just felt so empty and hollow. However with the passage of time, the wounds have healed, the pain has disappeared and the scars are slowly fading. Gone are the long nights laying in bed wondering about why, or what if.

But you’re the first person I ever truly thought about having a future with and growing old together. And as much as I want to, I can’t forget you. I see you in the most unexpected of places. Well, not literally you but your memory; at things we used to do together and the things you love. It doesn’t help that I’ve also recently got to know someone who reminds me of you in so many ways that for the past few days I keep thinking about you.

But it’s time though, it’s time to put this behind me for good, to move on.